Taiwan university bans students from dressing up as ghosts and scaring people

TAIPEI - National Taiwan University (NTU) yesterday sent out a notice to its students, instructing them not to dress up as ghosts and frighten people on campus. The notice comes after receiving several complaints from students and faculty members alike.

Dean of NTU Office for Student Affairs Chen Tsung-fu (陳聰富) explained the university's latest policy, saying that many professors and research assistants have complained that they were frightened by students who dressed up as ghosts and roam the campus at night. Some students even jumped down from a tree to scare people, Chen said.

During the summer holidays, many student clubs at NTU host events and activities on the campus. Many events at night include dressing up as ghosts to test people's courage, Chen said.

According to Chen, many professors said it makes people feel uneasy to walk around the campus at night since the students tend to dress up as ghosts and wander the campus. The professors said they do not understand why the students love to scare people this way.

Noting that a citizen, who is not working at the NTU, was scared by the students and had a heart attack, Chen said the NTU therefore decided to send out the notice to all students.

Chen said the NTU will reject students' requests should they want to convene a nighttime event involving dressing up as ghosts, noting that his university may cut the subsidies for the student clubs if they violate policy. Students will have to bear all the legal consequences and responsibilities if they frighten people and cause emotional distress, Chen added.