Taiwanese anchorwoman demoted after her family forced spa staff to kneel in apology

TAIPEI - ETTV News announced yesterday afternoon that punitive measures would be taken against its anchorwoman Liang Li (梁立) for misconduct in a quarrel between members of her family and the Fleur de Chine Hotel (雲品酒店), during which Liang's family asked hotel staff members to kneel down and apologize. Liang was given two demerits and deprived of her position as anchorwoman.

The Fleur de Chine Hotel posted an article on its website early yesterday saying that Liang's statement on the fight, in which she denied that she had asked the hotel staff to kneel down and apologize, was inaccurate.

The event in question took place in early October, when Liang, along with her family, checked into the hotel and reserved a spa massage for her father. After waiting at least 30 minutes for the massage, the family became angry and, according to some accounts, asked spa staff to kneel down and apologize to her father for the delay.

Later, after the media publicized the event, Liang issued an apology for her overreaction; however, she continued to deny that she had requested spa staff to kneel down. The hotel yesterday adamantly refuted Liang's denials.

"The spa was fully booked on the day when Liang's relative requested spa service. Spa staff worked overtime to meet certain requirements and caused a delay as a result. When the staff explained this situation to the Liangs, they refused to accept it," the hotel said on its Facebook page.

"Although Liang herself didn't ask our staff to kneel down, someone along with her did."