Taiwanese 'goddess' teacher sets pulses racing, gets netizens requesting tuition

A mathematics teacher from a secondary school in Chiayi, Taiwan, has come under the spotlight for her striking resemblance to the beautiful actress Megan Lai.

Due to her striking good looks and amazing figure, Taiwanese netizens have dubbed the teacher, Ms Xu, a 'goddess', with many even requesting to be tutored by her, reports Shin Min Daily News.

Other comments by netizens include, "I'll definitely send my son to this school", and "If my teacher was this hot, I'll definitely be terrible at mathematics and keep having to repeat my grade."

Her surging popularity has even drawn the media, with many reporters asking for a chance to interview her.

However, based on a statement issued by a school, Ms Xu is a low profile person and has declined the interviews.

Ms Xu thanked the various media outlets for the compliments and said:

"I am just a mathematics teacher.

"I hope everyone will focus on my teaching instead.

"Thank you for your concerns."