Taiwanese man sues KTV parlour after sanitiser, thermometer mix-up

Chiu taking eye drops to moisten his eyes after the accident left long-term damage to his pupils.
PHOTO: NOWnews/The China Post, Asia News Network

TAIPEI — A 30-year-old borough chief in Taipei City said on Tuesday that he will take legal action against Cashbox Partyworld after being sprayed in the face with sanitiser after a clerk mistook it for a forehead thermometer.

The man, surnamed Chiu, said he had been following Covid-19 virus prevention measures and was asked to take his temperature and sanitise his hand before entering the KTV parlour.

Contrary to all expectations, he was sprayed full-on as the clerk mistook the sanitiser spray for the forehead thermometer, resulting in critical damage to his eyes.

He explained that he now relies on artificial tears to avoid feeling the pain of eyelids pulling on his eyeballs.

According to Chiu, the incident happened in April 2020, and after being sprayed in the face, he waited half an hour with a searing pain in his pupils until someone finally called an ambulance.

Chiu added that the doctor’s certificate issued claimed that the incident had caused keratitis, diffuse keratitis and dry keratitis in both eyes and that his vision had dropped from 1.0 to 0.8.

Due to the dryness, he is not able to produce tears and has had to rely on artificial tears ever since, adding that he now uses four a day.

Chiu said he decided to take legal actions due to never receiving an official apology from Cashbox Partyworld, eight months after the incident.

He claimed that Cashbox Partyworld had previously said they would compensate him and received texts asking after him a few days after the accident.

However, Chiu said Cashbox did a full 180 soon afterwards, asking for a settlement or they would take the case to court.

An official from Cashbox Partyworld has since responded, stating that they did all they could to help handle the follow-up medical procedures.

They also got the diagnosis certificate and to coordinate how to handle related matters, but the compensation amount offered by Chiu was relatively high, which is why the case has now been taken to court, the company added.

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