Taiwanese student's unusually long toes freak out netizens

Taiwanese student's unusually long toes freak out netizens

A university student in Taiwan has caused a stir after she posted photos of a certain body part online.

No, it's not what you think - the images are hardly salacious.

What's got everyone talking are her unusually long toes, which some say resemble fingers.

Her post has attracted more than 11,000 reactions on Facebook and attracted some 1,500 comments to date.

She posted the photos on Dcard's Facebook page on May 28. Dcard is an online community for university students.

She even shows off her impressively flexible toes in one image, where her toes are tightly interlaced like fingers.


In the post, she says that she is not tall, and stands at 151cm, but feels her toes are disproportionately long.

Since she was a child, her unusually long digits have attracted attention whenever she wears open-toe shoes or slippers.

She added that people would gawk at her as if she was an animal, and some have even asked if she "did not evolve properly".

The good-natured woman however, does not seem to have taken the remarks to heart, punctuating her sentences with smiley face emojis in her post.

"How terrifying... such long toes," commented one user surnamed Wang.

Another user, Pool Chang, commented that she "could hardly tell the difference (between the toes and fingers) anymore."

The Taiwanese student with unusually long toes wrote in her post that she has even encountered people who have asked her to send them her used socks - presumably, because they have a foot fetish.

Growing up, she thought her toes were normal, as both her parents have really long digits as well, she wrote. In fact, the first time she saw other people's toes, she thought to herself: "What short toes they have!"

"As I got older, I realised I was the weird one," she said.


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