Taiwanese vanishes from cruise ship: Coast Guard

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TAIPEI, Taiwan - A woman passenger went missing during a trip to Japan on a cruise ship that returned to Taiwan Thursday, the Coast Guard said yesterday.

The woman, surnamed Hsieh, 53, was supposed to get off the Costa Victoria at Keelung Harbor, but did not, the Coast Guard said, adding her belongings were left in her cabin.

The Coast Guard said it could be a case of suicide or an accident, but they are not ruling out any possibilities for her disappearance.

She was with a tour group that left Keelung for Japan on July 12. The ship returned on Thursday evening, according to the Coast Guard.

Electronic key records showed that she last entered her cabin on Wednesday evening. When the crew went to check why she had failed to get off the ship, the door of the cabin was locked.

Hsieh is a Taiwanese-American who is known to have last lived in a rented apartment in Taipei. She ended the lease for the apartment a day before the trip.