Taiwanese woman with terminal cancer takes wedding photos solo

A series of wedding photos belonging to a Taiwanese woman diagnosed with terminal breast cancer has touched the hearts of many around the world.

Four years ago, Q May Chen, now 28, was declared cancer-free after having underwent multiple treatments for her stage two breast cancer.

Two years ago, she was informed that her cancer had relapsed as the cancer cells spreaded to her bones, making it terminal stage, she told AppleDaily in an interview.

The bad news hit her hard, but she was accustomed to the plight of fighting cancer. "I'll just have to try out different medications and try to control the spread of cancer cells to my bones," she said in the interview.

However, Chen's fighting spirit is adamant.

"When I wake up tomorrow and my eyes open, its a brand new day, a day more that I've attained," she told AppleDaily, "since I'm a person who is racing with time."

Determined to live her remaining days to the fullest, Chen set out to fulfil her childhood dream of wearing a wedding gown, even if it means doing it solo without a groom.

Her wedding photos, which have since gone viral online and featured in the pages of magazines like Cosmopolitan and Brides, comprise four different dresses, each representing something that she wishes to portray.

Her strength and independence comes as no surprise as she later revealed that her parents divorced when she was four years old and was since raised by her single mom.

Chen's mother had been her pillar of support through her battle with cancer the first time, and would continue doing so by accompanying Chen to her "honeymoon" to Bali, she told AppleDaily.

Netizens who have viewed her wedding photos mostly revelled in the beauty of the wedding photos, with many also extending their prayers to her.