Taiwan's Immigration Agency website offers services in 7 languages

TAIPEI - The National Immigration Agency (NIA) has launched a new version of its "Living in Taiwan" website which now offers services for foreigners in seven languages.

Foreigners can now choose from any of the seven languages - Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Cambodian, English, Japanese, and Chinese - when they visit the site.

The site offers a wide range of information on visa application, employment, schooling, medical services, travel, taxation and others, the NIA said.

The NIA said the website started offering cross-department integrated services in 2005, but only two versions - Chinese and English - were available.

The Japanese version was added in November 2012 and, catering for the growing number of immigrants from Southeast Asia, the NIA has updated the site to provide services in four more languages from the area.

The NIA said users can input keywords for quick access to information they are looking for.

The site also features information on Taiwan's festivals to help users understand more about the local culture, the NIA said.