Taiwan's 'Thanksgiving Lottos' to hand out $25 million

TAIPEI - Taiwan Lottery Co., Ltd (TLC) announced that a "Thanksgiving Bonus" event, which will include NT$600 million (S$25 million), will be added to the two major Taiwanese lotteries this week.

Similar to the annual "Black Friday" event in the United States, TLC has announced that NT$300 million will be added respectively to the Nov. 28 Super Lotto drawing and the Nov. 29 Big Lotto drawing, for a total of NT$600 million.

TLC has made sales of NT$111 billion as of Nov.17, exceeding last year's lotto sales by NT$100 million. Huang estimated that the total sale by the end of the year will exceed NT$120 billion, according general manager Huang Chi-I (黃志宜) which is why TLC is giving back to its customers' long term support by creating a never-seen-before bonus event.

Both Super Lotto and Big Lotto have seen their biggest sales and biggest winnings since TLC first began its operations back in 2006. Due to added holiday bonuses and the lack of winners, Super Lotto gave away NT$2 billion this year, whereas Big Lotto gave away NT$1.8 billion. With the "Thanksgiving Bonus" will be issuing its biggest bonus yet, it is likely that the sales record will be broken again, as historically more Taiwanese people buy lottery tickets when the potential winnings exceed 200 million.