Taxi driver saves suicidal passenger in Busan

PHOTO: Pixabay

A taxi driver successfully prevented a passenger from intentionally drowning herself.

The Busan Saha Police Station said on Tuesday it received a call from the taxi driver earlier that day reporting a possible suicide attempt by his passenger.

He called the police and said a passenger of his had walked into the sea and disappeared from his view. What prompted him to call, he said, was repeated remarks about suicidal thoughts from the passenger during her ride.

The driver said he kept his eyes on her after she got off at Dadaepo beach, in order to see where she was headed.

Following the driver's report, the police shortly arrived at the scene and found the woman who had walked some 100 meters into the sea from the beach. The police successfully persuaded her to change her mind and walked her back to the beach.

According to the investigators, the 53-year-old passenger had reportedly been suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts.

The police later expressed a heartfelt gratitude to the taxi driver whose attentive attitude saved his passenger's life.


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