Teachers underrated and poorly paid in China: Poll

China's teachers are not receiving appropriate pay and esteem, suggests a poll on teachers' satisfaction level of their jobs, reported qq.com on Sept 10, Teacher's Day in China.

The poll surveyed 400,000 teachers at universities, secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens across the country from August 11 to September 4.

According to its findings, more than 80 per cent of teachers, a profession honoured as the "architect of soul" in China, feel stressful or very stressful.

The survey also shows a worrying level of salary for teachers: more than 60 per cent of teachers make 1,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan (S$205 - S$617) a month, lower than the national average of more than $600 per month, and no less than 90 per cent of respondents voiced complaints about their income.

As a result of the reasons mentioned above, only five per cent of respondents said they would choose to teach if they could choose their career again.