Teen tries to end life after dad molests her

TAIPEI - A 13-year-old girl attempted to take her own life after she was allegedly molested by her father in Taipei, reported China Press.

She overdosed on medicine but was saved in the nick of time and warded in a hospital.

Even then, her father visited her there and fondled her breasts and private parts.

The girl's screams alerted the nurses, who then called the police.

The father has been detained to facilitate investigations.

The victim was overheard saying soon after the incident: "I do not want to live any more. I want to jump to my death."

The daily reported that the victim had been staying with her paternal grandparents and her father, who divorced her mother six years ago.

The man was reported to have molested his daughter on several occasions since June this year.

He was said to be drunk when committing the act.

However, the father was quoted by the daily as saying that he was being falsely accused because he was too strict with her.

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