Temple wants help with abandoned animals

THAILAND - Temples nowadays are not only home for monks and prayers but also a place where many animals and pets are cared for. These animals are sometimes a burden for monks to take care of.

Phra Kanchit Khantidhrammo, abbot of Wat Pa Pavanadhram in Prachin Buri, said his temple was one that had to look after wild animals and pets abandoned by former owners.

The animals living in the temple, at Moo 2, tambon Lat Takian in Kabin Buri district, include four monkeys, three pythons, three turtles, 10 rabbits and a number of wild pigs, plus about 50 cats and dogs.

Kanchit said that in the past the temple took wild animals back to their natural habitat, but people were still bringing them and abandoning them at the temple.

"We cannot deny them. The only thing that we can do is receive these animals and feed them, but now the temple can no longer feed them as we don't have enough food," he said.

The temple is trying to get relevant agencies to take the animals away and release them into natural habitats.