Thai actress killed in car crash in Ayutthaya

An actress was killed when her BMW car crashed into a tree on a roadside in Ayutthaya province on Saturday morning.

Natnicha Cherdchubupphakaree, 21, died when her car plunged into the roadside on highway No 9 on the Saraburi-bound side in Tambon Chiang Rak Noi, Bang Pa-in district.Police suspect the car was speeding and lost control as the road was slippery following a rains.

Natnicha was better known as "In" after her role as a child in a TV series from 2002 to 2006 on Channel 7.

She later became a singer and released three albums but faded away.In recent times, she was seen playing a supporting role in a movie, Kankrai, Khai, Pha Mai (Scissors, Eggs, Silk).