Thai Airways jet makes emergency landing in Bali

DENPASAR, Indonesia - A Thai Airways plane en route from Sydney to Bangkok made an emergency landing on the Indonesian island of Bali after a crack was discovered in the cockpit window, officials said Wednesday.

The Boeing 747, carrying 273 passengers and 21 crew, was six hours into the journey Tuesday when the captain found the defect and decided to land on Bali, the airline said in a statement.

A spokesman for the island's airport described the landing at around 5.00 pm (0900 GMT) as a "minor disruption".

There were no reports of injuries and the passengers stayed in a Bali hotel overnight.

They were set to fly on to Bangkok later Wednesday in another plane.

Thai Airways said it was sending a team to Bali to investigate the incident and supervise the changing of the damaged window.

In September last year, more than a dozen passengers were slightly injured when a Thai Airways jet skidded off the runway in Bangkok after the landing gear malfunctioned.

Just over a week before that incident, dozens of passengers and crew were injured when a Thai Airways A380 superjumbo hit severe turbulence during a flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong.