Thai commercial tells you how to find a soulmate

PHOTO: Screengrab from video by Krungsri Auto

Have you ever wondered if you'll find a soulmate?

Well, according to a commercial by a Thai automobile company Krungsri Auto, meeting someone who drives the same car as you could conclude your search for a soulmate. 

Photo: Screengrab from video

The four-minute long video starts off with a flashback of a woman who tries to justify her singlehood by embracing freedom, denying herself of a relationship that would only tie her down.

However, she soon realises that trying out something different would lead to an unexpected result.

After a fortituous interaction with a man whose car she mistook for her own, she found herself learning the art of sharing food at a cafe, popcorn at the movies and her kitchen space - all of which she thought were burdensome of a relationship. 

Photo: Screengrab from video

"Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when it's shared," she realised. 

Soon after, the man proposed and she experienced an epiphany: "We may not all have a soulmate, but we might find someone we never knew we needed."

The commercial ended with the couple's wedding and an accompanying statement: "A car can change one's life journey."

Unlike most romantic stories depicting youthful couples, this commercial casted two middle-aged actors, which is unusual for commercials. 

The video has since garnered over six million views on YouTube and over 15 million views on Facebook

While the creative agency that shot the commerical made it seem like searching for a soulmate was as easy as finding someone with the same car as yours at a parking lot, we all know that such fairytale stories don't really happen in real-life.

Online netizens who were less optimistic had this to say.

However, there are some who found the message heartwarming.