Thai man held for killing fiancee

THAILAND - A man who shot dead his fiancee and her mother was arrested in the border province of Sa Kaeo yesterday.

The self-confessed killer, Yossapon Haekarn, was about to flee to Cambodia at the time of his arrest.

The shooting took place in Chon Buri on August 8 and was captured by a closed-circuit television system. His seemingly unrepentant attitude sparked public condemnation.

Yossapon told police he opened fire in a fit of rage and jealousy after his fiancee's mother encouraged her daughter to break up with him.

He claimed the mother wanted to increase the bridal dowry of Bt2 million (S$80,820), while he could provide only about Bt240,000.

"When I said I didn't have that much money, she told her daughter to end her relationship with me," he said.

Yossapon also claimed that his bride-to-be fell for his close friend.

Police have charged Yossapon with pre-mediated murder, illegally possessing a gun and ammunition, and unauthorised carrying of a gun and ammunition in public area.