Thai man killed, 3 injured in fight over 'smelly' instant noodles

PHOTO: The Nation

BANGKOK - One man was killed and three others injured on Friday (Sept 8) in a fight between neighbours over the smell of boiled instant noodles, police said.

Somchai Klinhom, 47, was stabbed to death at his townhouse in the Maneemart housing estate in Bangkok's Khan Nayao district at 11.45am, according to police.

Somchai's next-door neighbours - two men and a woman - were injured and were rushed to hospital.

Police found a blood-soaked knife, a baseball bat and a wooden stick at the scene.

Somchai and his neighbours often quarrelled. The dispute on Thursday began when Somchai's younger brother cooked instant noodles, which the neighbours objected to, saying they found the smell offensive.

The dispute led to the two sides going to the Khan Nayao Police Station for police mediation.

On Friday, Somchai again got into a quarrel with his neighbours. This time, he shouted at the mother of his neighbours, which prompted the three to charge into his house and beat him up. He died in front of his house, police said.