Thai masseur charges woman half price after breaking her leg during session

A Thai masseur broke the leg of a customer during a session of traditional Thai massage in Chonburi, Thailand - and still demanded half the payment.

The incident happened on July 13, and the victim, 59-year-old Pimyanee Thanyawongsakul, who suffers from osteoporosis was sent to a hospital for treatment after the excruciating session.

Her daughter, Saranya filed a complaint against the masseur and demanded that he be liable for the damages.

Pimyanee is currently waiting for her leg surgery scheduled next Monday (July 17), reports Coconuts Bangkok.

The masseur and operator of the unnamed parlour, 50-year-old Nathanapop Klachingchai, said that he did not know that the victim suffered from osteoporosis, or he would not have treated her.

After breaking the woman's leg, he demanded a 'teacher worshipping fee' of THB700 (S$28) instead of the usual THB1,360.

According to popular Thai belief, the 'teacher worshipping fee' usually collected by traditional services such as Thai massage and fortune telling, cannot be waived.

However, he offered to sell his motorcycle to help pay for Pimyanee's surgery which will cost THB30,000.

Nathanapop is also being charged for not having a permit to run the business, and could be jailed up to one year and fined THB60,000 if convicted.