Thai PM proposes reality show for brilliant beauties

THAILAND - Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has come up with an idea to boost her flagging popularity - a reality TV show to prove that smart women are beautiful.

The Thai Women Empowerment Fund has been assigned to produce the show in search of a "Smart Lady Thailand", a Government House source said yesterday.

Until September 13, women who apply to become a member of the fund can join the reality show. Twelve women would be shortlisted to live in a house like members of "True Academy Fantasia" do.

Their daily routines and activities designed to demonstrate their development would be televised 24 hours a day via TrueVisions, while highlights would be aired by Modernine TV.

Viewers would be allowed to vote for the contestant they think is the smartest. The winner will bag a Bt1-million prize and a chance to join an overseas trip with Yingluck or executives.