Thai PM wears khaki to note his role as a government official

Prime minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha "made a fashion statement" yesterday, appearing in his official khaki uniform for the first time.

"This is the uniform of the government. I am a government official,'' Prayut said, as he attended a meeting on state enterprise policies.

Whether he is in the military green, a white state official's uniform, a modern western suit, or a traditional Thai suit, the PM looks imposing.

But the PM admitted he felt a bit "strange" in the khaki outfit, saying he had never worn it before.

PM's Office Minister ML Panadda Diskul has asked state officials under his jurisdiction to wear the khaki uniform every Monday for solidarity, formality and orderliness.

Prayut said he wanted to observe this protocol and felt the khaki uniform was comfortable. He thanked those who said he looked younger in this outfit.

He said he had wanted to wear the khaki earlier but he had to attend different functions in one day and did not want to change his outfit too often during the day.

The uniform cost him Bt3,000 (S$123.72) to make, so it was a bit expensive, Prayut said.

He wanted to give uniforms to low-ranking officials but the government would have to seek funds for that purpose.

This khaki uniform is meant for civil servants. The style of the uniform for Government House officials was redesigned by former justice minister Peerapan Saleeratawipak during the Abhisit government.