Thai student killed by jealous seniors after going on date with school belle

A 21-year-old university student was attacked and killed by his seniors after going out with the most popular girl on their campus on Aug 26, in Thailand's Chaiyaphum province.

According to Sinchew via World Of Buzz, the couple had been out in town with five other friends, during which they had dinner and played games at a local entertainment centre until closing hours.

When the victim and the girl went to the carpark to get his motorcycle, they were approached by a group of youths who claimed to be seniors at their university and started chasing them.

The couple fled on the bike with the seniors in their pursuit.

However, their escape was cut short when one of the seniors kicked the motorcycle, causing them to lose control and fall to the ground.

The group started to aggressively beat up the victim while ignoring the girl's pleas to stop.

They reportedly even use rocks and bricks to hit the victim until he collapsed on the ground, before fleeing the scene.

Police found the victim lying in a pool of blood in front of a shop at 3.30am, "with part of his brain exposed".

The group of seniors apparently all had a crush on the girl, who had the reputation of a being a 'goddess' in their school. Angry and jealous of the victim, they plotted to "teach him a lesson".