Thai University probes report of lecturer exchanging grades for 7/11 discount stamps

Kalasin Rajabhat University on Tuesday ordered investigation into a report that its lecturer allegedly exchanged grades for 7-Eleven discount stamps.

The conversation between the lecturer and the student were recorded in a video and posted to YouTube.

The clip purportedly showed a lecturer asking studentsto trade their 7-Eleven stamps in exchange for better grades.

"I will give you a better grade if you bring me the stamps. But it is not mandatory, just a suggestion," the lecturer said in the clip. One girl reportedly exchanged 400 stamps for an A grade. The clip was posted online by a disgruntled student after university officials failed to act on her complaints, the report said.

7-Eleven stamps are part of a promotional campaign run by the convenience store. Patrons are rewarded with stamps for their purchases, which can then be traded for gifts and discounts.

Thailand is the third-largest market for 7-Eleven in the world, after Japan and the United States, with almost 7,000 stores nationwide.