Thai university student kowtows and pays respects to father who's garbage truck driver

A student of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand used to be ashamed of his father who is a garbage truck driver.

He has now finally graduated, and posted ‪photos‬ of himself paying respects to his father on his Facebook page to thank the latter.

According to Bangkok Post on Facebook, here are some excerpts from Klanarong Srisakul's message:

"When I was young, there were many occasions when I felt ashamed of my father. I asked myself why didn't he wear cool uniforms like my friends' fathers, who are soldiers and police...

"As I grew older, I knew that my father and I shared a dream. He had to quit school in the 4th grade and he told me that his dream was to see his son study.

"Back then, I wanted to be a soldier, but I flunked. I thought my father did not cry, but I later learned that he secretly cried.

"When the result of the university entry examination was announced, my father took a day off to check it. My father was holding back his tears. It was a proud moment for my small family.

"In my 4th year, my father asked me if I was ashamed to have him as a father, and that he had to be frugal. I was lost for words.

"Now, I want to thank my father for being who he is and for his support in everything. Thank you for your tiredness, tears and unhappy moments together.

"Now, I want you to be happy with our success. You no longer have to feel ashamed, because you are my No.1 father. I'm proud of you."

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