Thai workers left jobless in Malaysia

Dozens of Thai workers found themselves stranded in Malaysia without a job for nearly a month after paying a fee of Bt21,000 (S$808) each to a Thai agent.

Thaksin (surname withheld), one of the 58 victims, said he and his friends arrived in Malaysia on April 20 in the hope of getting a job. "However, we were simply brought to a rented room but given no jobs," he said.

Though the agent had been providing them with proper meals every day, Thaksin and his friends started feeling hopeless about their job prospects and finally decided to seek help from the Thai consulate in Kota Bahru.

The group was sent back to Thailand yesterday, with relevant officials picking them up at the border crossing in Narathiwat's Sungai Kolok district.

Police are investigating to see exactly how Thaksin and his friends ended up in Malaysia and if the agent - identified only as Dum - should face charges of human trafficking.