Thais disgusted by fights in House, political games

Most respondents to a Thai survey - about 89 per cent - regard recent fights in Thailand's Parliament as most unacceptable political games, and say such events make them lose faith in politicians.

The survey, entitled "the unacceptable political game", was conducted from Tuesday till yesterday among 1,288 respondents.

Results of the poll released yesterday indicated a second "game" seen as unacceptable by 67 per cent of respondents was the "use of large crowds" for protests, as there was the risk of people being exploited in a political way or being harmed.

The third "game" disliked by 63 per cent was political actions done solely for the benefit of parties, which ignore the people's needs. The fourth "game" was slinging "mud" at rivals, which 59 per cent found dirty and disgraceful.

Favouritism was the fifth issue of concern, disliked by 55 per cent of respondents, while about 54 per cent voiced concern over corruption and election fraud.