Tiger, lions die from poisoning at Indonesia Zoo

A Sumatran tiger.

INDONESIA - A Sumatran tiger and two African lions at Taman Rimba Zoo, Jambi, died from pesticide poisoning, laboratory tests showed.

A series of tests carried out by the Veterinary Examination and Investigation Agency (BPPV)'s laboratory in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, discovered that the animals, which died in July were poisoned with strychnine, a highly toxic alkaloid used as a pesticide.

Strychnine is often used to kill birds and rodents. In Indonesia, the chemical substance is not commercially traded and is used only for killing rabies-infected dogs.

The Jambi Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) has investigated four witnesses, two of which are the supervisors at the zoo.

"No one has been named a suspect," BKSDA Jambi's spokesperson Nurochman said.

He said the agency would continue its investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.