Toddler in brutal China attack doing well, discharged from hospital

The toddler who was brutally attacked by a stranger in Yan'an, China, has been discharged from hospital, according to media reports.

On May 7, a disturbing video made its rounds on the Internet, displaying 2-year-old Li Zhexu being beaten up by a man. The child was playing outside a restaurant when he was seen to have been thrown into the pavement by his attacker, Wang Jiaolong.

The video of the attack, which occurred on May 4, shows Wang walking down the same street Li was playing on and then proceeding to repeatedly kick the boy's head.

He also stomped on Li's hand several times.

Wang is later seen in the video to have picked up a broom and dustpan to beat the child up even more.

The young victim was found to have suffered several fractures to his skull. Wang was subsequently detained and also reportedly diagnosed as a schizophrenic.

However, Li's doctors at Xian Children's Hospital said he remains in "good spirits" and described him to be "very cute", Shanghaiist reported.

Authorities from Luochuan county later revealed that Wang had also attacked a 57-year-old woman prior to assaulting Li.