Toddler in China survives after being run over by two SUVs

For real? How could anyone survive being run over by not one, but two cars?

This young toddler miraculously did.

The two-year-old was first rammed by an SUV when she dashed onto a busy road in China's southwestern city Xichang on April 24, CCTV news reported.

Surveillance footage showed that another SUV drove over her while she remained ducked. 

Fortunately, her head was slightly grazed and she did not have other major injuries, according to local police's Weibo post.

The toddler had reportedly been running away from her grandmother before the incident happened, CCTV added.

Police officer of Xichang Police Accident Detachment, Guo Wei, said: "(According to) the surveillance camera footage of the scene and the investigation, it turned out that the first car did not pay attention (to the toddler) because (she was in) the blind spot when the toddler was crossing the road.

"The distance between the toddler and the second car was too short to spot the kid. As a result, the two cars ran over the kid."