Toddler's fingers severed after running up escalator in China

A one-year-old girl lost several fingers after an accident on the escalator in a shopping mall in China.

According to AsianTown, surveillance footage from the shopping mall in Beijing showed the toddler going down the escalator with her grandparents.

As the elderly couple got off the escalator and continued walking forward, the child ran back towards it.

She subsequently ran onto the stairs and fell forward, placing both hands on a step.

The escalator's automatic emergency stop mechanism was activated, but it was too late.

The clip shows the horrified grandparents holding the girl while blood dripped from her hands.

She was rushed to hospital while rescuers spent more than an hour dismantling the escalator to retrieve the girl's severed fingers.

A doctor said it would take six to 10 hours of surgery to reattach the girl's fingers.

It is unclear whether she will gain full function of her fingers after the operation.

This incident comes after a recent spate of incidents involving children and escalators. 

On Feb 8 this year, four-year-old Dzil Mikhail Nasaruddin's left foot was crushed by an escalator at the KL Sentral train station in Malaysia. 

Another four-year-old boy died after he was caught between the escalator's handrail and the ground, at a train station in Chongqing, China on Oct 8 last year.

The toddler died on the way to the hospital.