Top 8 items graduates will spend most on

For senior students in the colleges, it's time to depart. As graduation season has come, these students are holding activities to celebrate their final days of school.

However, graduates are being criticised by media outlets for spending too much money during graduation season. It is said that graduates' spending is higher than the average monthly salary of Chinese people.

According to an online job-hunting platform,, more than 45 per cent of graduates spend over 6,000 yuan when they are graduating; 26.71 per cent of graduates spend over 10,000 yuan (S$2,000), and the graduates' expenditures controlled under 3,000 yuan are only 17.77 per cent.

Earlier, the National Statistics Bureau (NBS) said the average monthly salary for non-private sector employees in China's urban areas reached 5,169 yuan and for private sector employees, 3,299 yuan.

But another media outlet said graduates' spending is on an acceptable level because the graduation season is not only one month, it should include May and June. The graduates' average spending of 6,000 yuan in two month is less than Chinese people's average monthly salary.

So, where does the money go? Please have a look.

Farewell party

Saying good-bye to each other at a farewell party is the graduates' common choice. According to Yangtze Evening Post, the cost of a farewell party for one graduate often reaches around 1,000 yuan per month.

Searching for jobs

In order to search for a good job, most graduates will travel to take interviews. The traffic fare and hotel expenses are necessary expenditures for college graduates during graduation season.

Renting a house

Some graduates who do not want to go back their hometown have to rent a room. It takes up a large portion in graduates' total expenditure.

Graduation travel

Although graduation travel is not necessary for every graduate, half of graduates have plans to take a journey during the graduation season, according to a survey from Yangtze Evening Post . The average cost of graduation travel is 2,000 yuan, Yangtze Evening Post reported.

Purchasing office wear

In order to give a good impress to future employers, most graduates want office suits to primp themselves.

Cosmetic surgery

Want to be more beautiful? Want more opportunities in job hunting? Some graduates do cosmetic surgery when they graduate. Because there are different types of surgeries, the cost varies from hundreds to thousands of yuan.

Graduation photo

Almost all graduates like taking photos with friends, classmates and teachers to keep their memories. Therefore, they hire a professional photographer to make a photo album, a popular expense among college graduates.

Graduation souvenirs

As a symbol of memories, graduates often exchange gifts with friends. The expenditure on more gifts is not less, although a gift might be inexpensive.