Tourists flock to see Donald Trump-like bird in a Chinese zoo

As Donald Trump's popularity in China climbs, one little golden pheasant is enjoying the perks of fame because of his bright yellow comb-over.

Visitors to the Hangzhou Safari Park in Zhejiang province have discovered that one of the birds there has a pretty similar hairstyle to the incoming POTUS.

As a result, the pheasant enclosure has become a hot spot for the zoo, with more tourists visiting the brightly coloured gold and red bird as of late, local reports say.

According to Chinese media, the pheasant has gained popularity as its golden feathers resemble the hairstyle of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters

The male bird, called Little Red, lives with some 50 others in the zoo, reports MailOnline.

Little Red's species, also known as the Chinese pheasant, is indigenous to the mountains of central China. Males are characterised by a golden crest and bright red body, and including the tail, they can reach about a metre (3.2 ft) in length.

One user on Weibo asked: "So does this bird look like Trump, or does Trump look like a Chinese pheasant?"

Another user said: "Come on, this bird is more handsome than Trump."

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