Trader's son fakes kidnapping after racking up $400,000 debt

The 28-year-old son of a trader who staged his own kidnapping after running up betting debts of Rs two crore (S$400,000) was caught by the police after one of his friends spilled the beans, reported Malaysia Nanban.

Last week, the father received a call from his son Suraj Patel via an unknown number.

"Daddy, save me. I have been kidnapped," Patel said before the call was disconnected.

Patel's father then approached the Mumbai police, who traced the SIM card used by the "kidnapper" to a location in Mumbai.

"When we scrutinised the call data records, we found one of Patel's friends was in touch with the number," a policeman said.

Investigations revealed Patel had incurred huge debts after betting on the Indian Premier League and a commodity exchange.

To clear his debts, Patel and two of his friends had planned his own kidnapping to demand a ransom from his father.

When the police went to Patel's hiding place, he pretended he had escaped from his kidnappers. Later, he admitted to plotting the kidnapping and was allowed to go home.