Travellers bemoan 48-hour air delays due to Dujuan


TAIPEI, Taiwan - Hundreds of passengers traveling to and from Hong Kong and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport were affected by Typhoon Dujuan, resulting in flight delays that ranged as long as 48 hours.

According to local media, after waiting for 48 hours, Cathay Pacific Airlines' passengers were compensated with NT$4,500 each (S$196), resulting in complaints about each hour of waiting amounting to less than NT$100.

A passenger said to reporters, "Many of us are office workers. We came during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, and we had to return yesterday or this morning."

China Airlines stated yesterday that Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport had a limited capacity since it operates on a single runway, while there were many inbound and outbound flights. They expressed their apologies to passengers affected by the typhoon.