Two Indonesians detained at Singapore harbour on their way to join ISIS

Resort Police of Pekanbaru City, Riau, detained two Indonesian male citizens with the initials FR (31) and RS (26) on Monday, claiming that they are involved with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

"Both of them were detained at the Singapore harbor because of fake passports," said the Head of Public Relations of Regional Police (Polda) Riau AKBP Guntur Aryo Tejo in Pekanbaru on Monday as quoted by Antara.

Guntur said that FR and RS were picked up by Resort Police of Pekanbaru from Sultan Syarif Kasim II Pekanbaru Airport after being secured by the Riau Island Regional Police.

Recently both of them had apparently tried to enter Singapore through Batam, Riau Islands.

From information gathered, according to Guntur, they were planning to go to Syria using fake passports.

"When it was revealed that both of the passports were fake, they were immediately secured by the Singapore police," he explained.

They are currently being held in Pekanbaru Resort Police station for further investigation.

Allegations that Pekanbaru residents were ISIS networks were first made by the Riau Regional Police Intelligence in July 2015.

The Intelligence and Security Directorate of Riau Regional Police said they were aware of one family connected to the ISIS network.

"The family consists of a husband with the initials TB, a wife, YB and the son, MJ," Guntur said.

He explained that the police were certain that they were part of the ISIS network after receiving information from many sources gathered by the intelligence of Riau regional police.

"We received their communication records, documentation of photos and other evidence," he explained.

Guntur said that the investigation had revealed that TB had been in Syria from 2013.

Then, some months ago, he asked his wife and son to join him by traveling via Jakarta to Turkey, then heading to Hatai.

"From Hatai, there will be ISIS volunteer to pick up the family," he said. (anh)