Typhoon Matmo may hit Taiwan: Agency

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) revealed yesterday that it may soon issue typhoon alerts for the land and sea, as the path of Typhoon Matmo (麥德姆) has been observed to have altered slightly south, bringing it closer to the main island of Taiwan.

The news was released soon after the CWB updated its latest observations yesterday. Though predicted to be a weak typhoon, Matmo is closer to Taiwan than the CWB had originally observed. CWB has stated that it could issue a typhoon warning on the sea, and has not ruled out the possibility of issuing a land warning as well.

According to the CWB, Matmo is currently located 1,970 kilometers southeast of Cape Eluanbi, and is approaching Taiwan, albeit at a slow pace due to lack of steering currents in its surroundings.

As it is far from Taiwan and moving slowly, further observation will be needed before an official alert can be made. However, the typhoon is located in an area that will provide it with the most optimal circumstances to become stronger. Given the right conditions, it is possible that Matmo could turn south again, making it the first typhoon to land on Taiwan this year. July 21 would be a key day to tell if the typhoon will enter Taiwan the CWB said.

Given current forecasts, the typhoon will most likely get close to the northeastern part of the country, and would bring rain to the eastern and northern parts of Taiwan on July 22. The CWB has also stated the typhoon will affect Taiwan greatly on July 23 and 24, bringing rain to the entire country.

Tamsui Breaks 2014 Heat Record; Showers Predicted for Today

The CWB stated yesterday that Tamsui's temperature was measured as high as 37.1 degrees Celsius, breaking the 2014 heat record of the CWB's temperature observation station in the area. Observation stations in Banqiao and Taipei have also recorded temperatures reaching as high as 36 and 35.7 degrees Celsius, respectively. According to statistics, the highest recorded temperature so far this year was in Taipei on July 13, where the heat reached 37.8 degrees Celsius.

Thunder showers have also been predicted for the entire country this afternoon. Temperatures are also likely to range from 34 to 35 degrees Celsius. UV levels have also been forecast to reach over-high levels. The CWB has stated that proper heat and rain protection should be observed for families this weekend, while keeping proper hydration in mind.