Underwear thief uses panties to 'ward off evil spirits'

A large collection of panties can ward off evil spirits - so claims a man the police have arrested for allegedly stealing countless pairs of panties from his neighbours over the past few years.

The man, whom police identified only as CG, 42, was arrested after he was caught red-handed by Hafidz, the husband of his latest victim, stealing nine pairs of panties put on the line to dry on Wednesday evening.

The ensuing altercation with the victim's family drew an angry mob and a police officer who came to the rescue.

Situbondo Police spokesman Second Insp. Nanang Priamodo saida to ward off evil spirits.

"We [the police] will have the suspect examined by a psychiatrist because he doesn't seem mentally sound," Nanang told detik.com.

Hafidz said he purportedly kept an eye on the family's laundry line on Wednesday after he learned by word of mouth that panty thefts had occurred after dark.