University suspends bullies for a year

After days in the media spotlight due to a viral video that exposed student bullying at Gunadarma University, university administrators finally suspended the perpetrators for 12 months. They will not be allowed to attend the university during this period.

The university's deputy rector, Irwan Bastian, said students with the initials AA,YLL and HN were the main bullies.

"After listening to explanations from some parties and referring to campus regulations, we decided to suspend the three for 12 months," he said during a press conference on Wednesday night in Depok.

Irwan said the bullying of a 19-year-old student happened at the Depok campus in West Java on July 14 in the afternoon.

Besides suspending the three perpetrators, Gunadarma University also sanctioned 10 others.

A student with the initials PDP was suspended for six months while the other nine students were given warning letters.

Irwan said university representatives had spoken with the victim's family and they accepted the campus' decision.

"The victim's family filed a lawsuit," he said as quoted by, adding that the university condemned bullying.

Irwan said the university planned to draft a special regulation on students with special needs.