University suspends Korean instructor over alleged sexual harassment

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Officials at National Chengchi University has suspended all teaching activities by one of its instructors after reports claimed he sexually harassed multiple students.

In a press conference Monday, Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Chen Ting-fei said the Korean language instructor may have sexually harassed "more than one" female student.

Chen said she had requested the Education Ministry take action.

After the allegations surfaced online, school officials alerted the Education Ministry, which has formed an investigation task force.

The instructor is currently still allowed on school premises; however, a class scheduled to be led by the instructor Tuesday has been cancelled and final examinations for the semester will be conducted by a substitute.

University officials said results of the task force investigation would be forwarded to an instructor evaluation committee. Should evidence point to sexual harassment by the instructor, he could be terminated.

More supervisory measures would be implemented campus-wide to ensure students' safety, the officials said.

Legislator Chen said the instructor, a foreign passport holder, should not be allowed to leave the country until the investigation is completed.

While hotlines exist on campus to report such incidents, Chen urged the Education Ministry to establish its own sexual harassment and assault prevention hotline.