Unruly passengers slap and throw food at airline staff over delayed flight

One can be a little upset if a flight to a dream beach holiday or honeymoon is delayed.

But three plane passengers were so upset, they reportedly turned ballistic at China's Changsha airport after their flight was delayed due to bad weather.

Refusing to accept the explanation by the airline staff, they attacked and threw food at them in the incident on Sunday (April 24).

Footage from Huanghua International Airport in Changsha captured an angry woman tossing the contents of a meal box at a member of Capital Airlines' ground crew, causing her to burst into tears.

The clip also showed two unruly men assaulting the flight attendants. One of them was smacked in the face by a man in a striped T-shirt.

He even had to cheek to tell his victim: "Yes, I'm hitting you. So what?"

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Their unhappiness is believed to have started after Flight JD5766 to Sanya beach resort in Hainan island had to be grounded because of inclement weather. The delay caused passengers to be stranded at the airport.

The violent group reportedly damaged a desk at a boarding gate after their demands to see a supervisor were not met. About two dozen angry passengers were seen surrounding the gate and lashing out at the ground crew in the video.

Chinese media and AP reports said three passengers were arrested in the incident. The flight was subsequently cancelled.

Netizens, who saw the video, called for the trio to be jailed and blacklisted in China's national register for their badly behaved travellers.

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