US lauds Thai govt for indicting traffickers

The US yesterday welcomed reports that Thai authorities have indicted 72 suspects accused of involvement in human trafficking.

Melissa Sweeney, spokesperson for the US Embassy in Bangkok, said that the United States encouraged every country to vigorously investigate possible human trafficking cases irrespective of whether they are committed by individuals or organised networks.

"Successfully combating human trafficking requires sustained, long-term effort. We continue to encourage Thailand to take robust action to address human trafficking, including successfully prosecuting those arrested and indicted for trafficking crimes," she said, adding that the last Trafficking in Persons report covered cases from April 1, 2014, to March 31 this year.

"Developments that take place after March 31 [2015] will be covered in next year's report," she explained. Thailand was downgraded from Tier 2 to the lowest Tier 3 in June last year due to its lack of progress in combating human trafficking.

The latest report will be released on Monday.