Valentine's marriage registrations triumph over glitchy system

Photo of an engaged couple in Taiwan.

TAIPEI - Many couples finalized their marriage registrations yesterday as it was Valentine's Day, coupled with the fact that the pronunciation of 2014 in Mandarin is similar to "love you forever," although there were still some glitches in the new computerized registration system.

Deputy Interior Minister Hsiao Chia-chi said there were some temporary glitches in the new system yesterday morning which resulted from instability within the system. Staff members' unfamiliarity with the system also caused some problems in the registration process, said Hsiao.

According to Hsiao, it should be easy to improve the human errors as long as staff can get used to the operation of the upgraded system. As for the problem of instability, Hsiao said the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) is now focusing on dealing with all the present problems that appeared in the past few days.

In addition, the MOI will try its best to improve the system to be more stable. Currently, the MOI has found specialists to inspect on the system in order to understand where the troubles are and fix the system.

The Daan District Household Registration Office said the system crashed temporarily at 9 a.m. yesterday. The crash lasted about 10 minutes before the system recovered. Therefore, the 10 couples who came to the office didn't have to wait too long to complete their marriage registrations, according to the Daan office.

As for the question whether the MOI will overturn the contract with the current system provider, Hsiao said it will only be possible if all the conditions of rescission were meet in the first place; for example, if the contractor was not capable of carrying out the project or improving the system in a limited time period, resulting in the inability to fulfil the contract, according to Hsiao.

Hsiao stated that the MOI will reflect on this issue carefully in order to avoid similar issues in the future.

Follow-up Treatments

Minister without Portfolio Simon Chang said that the board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan (BOST) had already sent some members to support system improvements and the Executive Yuan will investigate the case to clarify the responsibilities of the MOI and the contractor in order to arbitrate in the future.

Chang said the members of BOST who were sent to support the MOI have reported the process every day. Currently, BOST members will try to stabilize the system first. However, it is still hard to say when the problem will be solved completely, said Chang.

Chang also pointed out he will establish an outsourcing information service team that will cooperate with the Institute for Information Industry to deal with various technical problems in information services. This team will also send specialists to support other administration offices if needed in the future.