Video captures young girl's death fall from Kunming mall escalator

Here's yet another escalator accident involving a kid in China, but this's a tragic case.

In the latest incident that happened in a shopping mall in Kunming city, a young girl plunged to her death after playing at a banister of an escalator.

A surveillance camera at the mall captured the horrifying accident. Put up by CCTV News , it showed three little girls having fun around an escalator on the fourth storey.

One of the girls, who look younger than the other two, managed to struggle up as if she wanted to sit on the moving banister or take a ride up.

But the force of its movement seemed to have thrown her off balance over the edge. She managed to cling onto the banister as it took her up, but only for a few seconds.

The poor child lost her grip and fell to her death. The other two girls didn't notice the 'cliff-hanging' ordeal at first as they were busy playing at the escalator stairs.

One of them caught a fleeting glimpse of the fall, while the other noticed that the younger girl was missing. They gazed down to look for the girl and then hurried away from the camera's view as if to find out if she was all right.

Of course, she wasn't - sadly.

The latest is the third escalator incident that happened last week in China, reported Shanghaiist website.

One other incident involved a toddler in Jiangxi losing her finger when her hand got caught in an escalator, while a boy was saved in the nick of time after his hand was also caught in an escalator in Guizhou in another case.

In most of the cases reported last year, the kids seemed to have been left alone to play while their parents or people who were supposed to be chaperoning them were busy shopping or distracted by attractions at the malls.

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