Video of man terrifying puppy sparks outrage online

A recent video showing a Vietnamese man disciplining a puppy has sparked outrage among netizens.

A clip of the incident recently went viral.

It shows the puppy backed up against a wall, standing on its hind legs. It looks to be shivering in fear.

Shortly after, a man can be heard speaking in Vietnamese in the background.

He wields a stick, hitting the floor with it and bringing it near the puppy.

The puppy is visibly frightened of this, and cowers and whimpers in the corner.

It even tries to turn away and climb up the wall to avoid the stick.

The man prods the dog with the stick at some points in the video.

The clip has sparked heated debate online.

Most have stated that this is cruel as the puppy is mentally affected by this treatment.

But some netizens defended the man, saying that he did not hit the dog at any point, and maintained a loving tone when he spoke to it.

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