Vietnam minister advises high school students to stop worrying

HA NOI (VNS) - The Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Vinh Hien has advised students to not worry too much about their national high school graduation.

He said this during an online discussion organised by to answer students' queries on the national high school exam.

Exam questions will be the same as last year, but the composition of the question papers would be different, Hien said.

He also said the ministry would draft illustrative exam questions for each subject and publicise them for all students as requested.

Tran Van Nghia, deputy head of the Testing and Accreditation Department under the Ministry of Education and Training, emphasised that exam questions will be based on the high school curriculum, focusing mainly on the 12th grade.

Students would have to answer multiple types of questions. The first type will test high school knowledge and can be answered by average students. The second type of questions would help evaluate students' ability for retaining past lessons. University acceptance will base on the results of the exam, he said.

Exams for high school graduation will have open questions on general knowledge, rather than those learnt by rote. Thus, the exam will distinguish good students from the average ones.

He also said students could consult the previous years' high school graduation exam and university entrance exam, especially those issued for last year.

Deputy Minister Hien said that since the exam questions would be based on the high school curriculum, students shouldn't read too many reference books.

He suggested that students would score high if they had a thorough grasp of their textbooks, reviewed the exam themselves and took help from their teachers. to stop worrying