Violent act over priority seat sparks debate in South Korea

PHOTO: The Korea Herald/ Asia News Network

An infuriated South Korean elderly man gave a flying kick to a young man occupying a priority seat on a bus, showed a viral photo on the internet.

The photo has set off fierce debate on the issue of priority seats on Korean public transport across major online communities.

"Noyakjaseok," which translates to "seats for the elderly and the infirmed," are intended for senior citizens as well as the handicapped, pregnant women, or anyone less able to stand.

However, these seats are usually occupied by the elderly.

The debate has even reached online communities for expats here.

A Facebook user speculated that the man who was attacked might have had a disability or injury, which would justify him occupying the seat.

Some members of the expat community said they were unaware of the "noyakjaseok" concept.

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