Visiting Japan? Here are some social rules every foreigner should know

If you're heading to Japan any time soon, it would be wise to take a look at some of these 'rules'. The Japan embassy in Thailand noted on its Facebook page that there were a few social media postings deriding the behaviour of Thai tourists.

So they decided to provide Thais with a list of guidelines - that all tourists to Japan should probably take note of.

1. Stand on the left side of an escalator or walk on the right side if you are in a hurry.

2. Don't use your mobile phone on buses and trains. If you have to, put it on silent mode.

3. Never jump the queue - even if you are a child or the elderly.

4. When using an elevator, the first person who gets in will hold the button to open the door for other passengers and be the last person to leave (This can be applied in Singapore too).

5. Place money into a provided tray when paying for goods at a shop. Cashiers will also give change on the same tray.

6. If you need service at a shop, you should wait for an assistant to come to them.

7. Do not speak loudly in public as Japanese high respect privacy.

8. Separate garbage and recyclables and put them in the appropriate bin. Normally, there are no garbage bins on sidewalks, except in front of convenience stores and train stations.

9. Drivers must stop at zebra crossings and wait for all to cross the road with patience without honking the horn.

10. Do not use own chopsticks to pick food for other people.

This article was first published on Nov 20, 2014.
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