Vivid colors of lilies sway in full bloom in Japan

TOKOROZAWA, Saitama - Orange, yellow and other colorful lilies are in full bloom at Tokorozawa no Yuri-en (Lily garden in Tokorozawa) in Saitama Prefecture.

About 450,000 lilies of about 50 varieties are planted in the garden, which is located inside a natural forest of about 30,000 square meters.

About 230,000 thunberg lilies are now in full bloom.

"The flowers can be enjoyed through the end of this month, as late-blossoming hybrid types will also bloom next week," said park staffer Hiroyuki Ishiyama.

"Lilies look beautiful in many colors," said a homemaker in her late 60s who came from Higashi-Kurume, Tokyo, on Saturday. Visitors were blessed with good weather on the day, a break in the rainy season.