WATCH: Kyrgyz 'hammerhead' shows off his shockproof forehead and strong jaw

An ironman from Kyrgyzstan, Nurlan Alisherov, showed off his "very particular set of skills" in Bishkek, Monday.

The strongman has become famous for his shockproof forehead and strong jaw, regularly wowing crowds by hammering nails through wood with his skull and pulling trucks with his teeth.

Nurlan claimed he could lift weights of up to 250kg (551.1lbs) using only his mouth. According to Nurlan, American doctors didn't believe his skills were natural and even took an X-ray of his head to make sure he didn't have any performance enhancing metal implants.

He also claims to have pulled a three-tonne bus through a three-kilometre long tunnel on the Too Ashuu mountain pass, which sits at an altitude of 3,300m (10,826ft).

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