WATCH: Shy Thai women don masks for 'intimate' check-ups

Ever been embarrassed about discussing your intimate areas with a doctor? Felt your cheeks redden at the thought of visiting the gynaecologist?

One initiative in Thailand may be the answer to sparing your unwanted blushes, with women being invited to wear masks as they are given pap smear tests, apparently to alleviate awkwardness between shy patients and their doctors.

Several women at a local hospital in Thailand's northern Kamphaeng Phet district could be seen happily chatting away to their gynaecologist behind creative masks on Sunday, apparently free from embarrassment at the thought of receiving the vaginal examination.

The "Mask Pap Smear" initiative, aimed particularly at women receiving gynaecological and breast cancer treatment, has reportedly helped to reduce shyness among women aged between 30 and 70.

According to practitioners, the project has been a success, with more women likely to attend regular check-ups.